National Guard  Ready to Honor 65th Regiment ‘Borinqueneers’

Philadelphia –  In the face of delays to honor the members of the Puerto Rican 65th Regiment, better known as the Borinqueneers,” El Hispano received assurances from two members of the Pennsylvania National Guard, Friday, that Major Gen. Wesley Craig was aware of plans to honor the 65th and was only awaiting “coordination” of the event.

     During a Fox 29 event to “Salute the Military,” El Hispano spoke with Major General Dan McCormick, who said that the “arrangements are going” forward. “ It’s not going to happen today,” he added. “But it’s going to happen.”

    A longtime member of Gen. Craig’s staff, Maj. Gen. McCormick said, “Of course we would get involved in (honoring the) Borinqueneers, but we’ve got to plan it out and get it on the General’s calendar.”

   “I know they were trying to get that (event) to happen,” he continued, “but they just couldn’t make the coordination.  They had talked  to the Governor’s and the Governor’s office had talked to us.  You know you’ve got to make it happen.”

     “But it will happen,” said Gen. McCormick, as he stood outside Fox 29 offices as 4th and Market St.  “You just have to get it on the (General’s) calendar.”

    Master Sgt. Manuel Roman, another participant in the Market street tribute to the military, was similarly aware of the role of the “Borinqueneers” in the Korean War.  A native of Puerto Rico, Sgt. Roman, who served a year in Afghanistan, noted that he had “saved” a recent Military magazine that highlighted that accomplishments of the 65th.

  The effort to honor the Borinqueneers with local and state proclamations, along with a prestigious Congressional Gold Medal has been spearheaded by Vietnam Veteran George Perez and Juvencio Gonzalez, a Veteran and Communications Director for Latino Legion Post 840.