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Juvencio Gonzalez Joins Staff of Pennsylvania Senator Mike Stack

J.Smith/El Hispano

Philadelphia –    Looking to better outreach efforts to a rapidly growing Latino community in the Philadelphia area and statewide, State Senator Michael Stack (D-Pa.)  has  tapped Juvencio Gonzalez to serve as a Legislative Aide and liaison with the Latino community.

   A  Media Consultant, Veteran U.S.M.C., and former advisor to Governor Bob Casey, Sen. Stack noted that Mr. Gonzalez is “highly respected” throughout the Hispanic community, and recalled working with Gonzalez on several issues, including a resolution on behalf of the Borinqueneers, 65th Infantry Regiment, the naming of a stretch of highway after Police Officer Brian Lorenzo and local job development.

   “I noticed his relentless work ethic, a non-stop motor and drive to serve the people in our community,” Sen. Stack told El Hispano. ‘We’ve done a lot of outreach to the Latino community, but with Juvencio, I think we can accomplish a lot more.”

   “I’m very excited” about the appointment, said the State Senator, adding that he anticipates Mr. Gonzalez will “really excel” not only in his role as a liaison with the local Latino community, but in “building bridges” with Latin American countries like Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

  “He can have a large impact,” on a variety of other issues, including education, job development, and the needs of veterans.

    Having already announced his candidacy for Lt. Governor, Sen. Stack’s appointment of Juvencio Gonzalez comes in the wake of a summer that witnessed demonstrations outside the Broad Street office of Gov. Tom Corbett. What were widely perceived as cavalier and dismissive remarks about the absence of any Latinos on his staff, prompted an immediate backlash from several community activist.

   Philadelphia Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez praised Sen. Stack on the addition of Mr. Gonzalez as a recognition of the “value of diversity in his team.”

  “Juvencio has a long history of providing constituent services for the city and state, and will be a valuable member of his team,” said Councilwoman Quinones Sanchez.

    Not unlike former Gov. Bob Casey, who Mr. Gonzalez worked with in the early 1990s,  Sen. Stack has a  record as a staunch defender of labor and the rights of workers, most recently demanding Gov. Corbett and other local officials “take action”  to forestall the closure of the former Nabisco/Kraft factory on Roosevelt Blvd., where more than 300 workers are slated to lose their jobs.

    The Fifth District Senator has pushed for infrastructure investment, in a proposal that would provide funding for “crumbling” roads, bridges, and mass transit, and would create 60,000 jobs.

  A critic of wasteful spending, Sen. Stack has also decried as a “fiasco” the Corbett administration’s spending on an effort to privatize the state lottery. Meanwhile, the Senator has also urged local electricity providers to delay electricity shut-offs, recognizing a brief interval can often allow customers to make timely payments.Image