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Renamed Road Honors 65th Infantry

J.Smith/El Hispano

Philadelphia – As he pulled the covering to unveil the newly named Whitaker Avenue – about to become known as “Borinqueneers Avenue,” Friday,  Pennsylvania Rep. Angel Cruz and the rest of an audience of some two hundred Latino community leaders, public officials police officers and firefighters, were startled as a portion of the plastic cover still clung to the sign, leaving hidden the new name.

After a few hushed and anxious moments passed,  the expectant audience burst into applause as a gust of wind hoisted the remaining cover straight-up, as if into clouds.

For a historic 65th Infantry Regiment that had participated in World Wars I and II, and had adopted the nickname “Borinqueneers” during their transit to fight in the Korean War, the temporary delay seemed emblematic of a group of Puerto Rican soldiers who similarly remained hidden…

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