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Views from the Barrio

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Philadelphia – From the Beauty Salons and street corners to the Bodegas, Bars and Barber Shops, in the Barrio there were no shortage of opinions on the controversial grand jury decisions in either the Ferguson shooting case or the New York city choking death of Eric Garner. The events that continued to ignite protests and die-ins across the nation, readily sparked discussion and debate.

Standing on the corner of Somerset near Fourth Street with his friend ‘Paycheck,’ the Grand Jury decisions in both cases left Erwin Diaz skeptical of the judicial process:  “Something ain’t right with those grand juries.”

Of the possibility of improving relations between the police and minority community with training, cameras and more beat cops, Mr. Diaz was equally dubious, saying, “That ain’t happening, and it won’t change things. The cops are always looking at us as a threat.”

Bodega owner…

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